Freebie: Schema Compiti. Pianifica il tuo tempo e studia meglio!

Freebie: Task Outline. Plan your time and study better!

Sometimes studying time isn't enough, but we can better organize what we have available and make homework productive and less frustrating.

Today's gift is a very simple diagram, which you can print and fill out before starting to study.

It will remind you to remove distractions (that phone), to divide the time for the subjects (before finding yourself at 8pm with 3 subjects still to do) and to schedule short breaks to drink, eat and stretch, essential for keeping a clear mind and for recharge a little.

I hope it will be useful to you, the pattern is uploaded to my Pinterest and you can find it by CLICKING HERE , then just touch the three dots (...) and download and print it.

You will also find other articles here on the blog and other freebie contents in my pinterest, as well as video contents on my YouTube channel.

What are you waiting for? Tell your friends and if this diagram was useful to you, leave me feedback in the comments, I will be very happy

Barbara :)

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