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Bases for creating earrings - earwires, candlesticks, earcuffs, pins

Bases for creating earrings - earwires, candlesticks, earcuffs, pins

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Bases for creating earrings. Choose from the options menu.

Ball pins: have a slot for hanging pearls or chains. Combine them with earcuffs and chains to create super fashionable earrings. Vitarella included. ball diameter 3 mm;

Earcuff: small circles to put on the earlobe or cartilage. They have a buttonhole for hanging chains;

Clip: Base for stud earrings without hole. Glue a cabochon or a pompom or a button or a creation in polymer clay or resin and you're done. Gluing plate diameter: approx. 8-10mm;

Circle hooks: fold the final part, insert beads and then replace the fold. Or tie, braid, sew beads or other decorations;

Circle candlesticks. Very simple! Open, string your pearls, close!! In the photo you can see an example with a hard stone bead, which you find on the site.

Each lot allows you to have 5 pairs of earrings, at a super affordable price, ideal for both your hobby and your small creative business.

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